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Area Rug Cleaning – Protecting Your Investment

Area rugs come in many shapes, materials, and sizes, and are often used to define space, decorate, and cover hard or wood floors as well as wall-to-wall carpet.  Area rugs can be quiet expensive, especially large oriental rugs, proper care and cleaning are important to protect your investment and keep it looking beautiful for many years.

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Pre-inspection and pretesting are critical:

Before we begin cleaning any rug, we inspect it very carefully and note any damage anywhere on the rug.

We carefully pretest for dye stability to prevent colors from bleeding.


Dirt particles can cause damage to the fibers.  All area rugs are thoroughly vacuumed on both sides before cleaning begins.

Cleaning Area Rugs:

Different fibers require different methods of treatment to prevent damage.  We use the best methods and tools for your area rug when removing stains and odors to keep the colors bright, prevent shrinkage, bleeding and greying or yellowing.

Drying Area Rugs:

Dry time is critical, in order to prevent mold formation rugs need to be dried in 48 hours or less.  Our cleaning system uses the least amount of moisture necessary when cleaning and a blower afterward to ensure proper drying time.

Our area rug cleaning services are done in-house for an optimum cleaning and drying environment.

Includes Free Pick Up and Delivery in the Yakima Valley.

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