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Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning your upholstered furniture keeps it beautiful and fresh smelling, removing dust mites, dirt, stains, and odors that build up over time.

image of upholstery cleaning in yakima and sunnyside areas

Our Upholstery Cleaning, Care and Protection process includes:

Pre-inspection is by far the most important step in cleaning upholstery. We look for previous damage and possible problems such as soiling conditions, loose buttons, tears, holes, loose legs, upholstery cleaning codes, identify upholstery fibers, etc.

Pre-Test before Cleaning Upholstery:
Pre-test for dye transfer and bleeding to determine which method of cleaning will give the best results.

Once the appropriate cleaning process is determined, the furniture is moved onto furniture pads to protect the floor, then vacuumed.

Precondition Upholstery:
A pre-conditioner is sprayed over the fabric to break up food spills and other soils.

Clean Upholstery: before and after picture of upholstery cleaning
The cleaning method to be used depends upon pre-testing conducted earlier.
A dry towel will be used to wipe down the piping area, behind buttons, and in any creases to eliminate trapped moisture, remove surface soil and to accelerate drying time.
Velvet or microfiber will be groomed to set the pile before the piece dries.

Post Cleaning Spot, Stain, and Odor Removal:
Any remaining spots, stains, or odors will be removed at this time, and a neutralizing agent applied to the fabric to stabilize and brighten colors, and soften fabric.

Apply Protector to the Upholstery:
Sta-Clene®, DuPont Teflon® Advanced Protector or Bane-Guard is applied to restore the protective finish.

Move Furniture Back:
Using E-Z Moves or Bane-Glides, move the furniture pieces back to their original location.
Be sure to set the legs on foam blocks or protective tabs.
To save your back, use the Lift Buddy™ to raise the furniture piece up while sliding the foam blocks or tabs under the legs.

Dry and Groom the Cleaned Upholstery:
Furniture is moved back and groomed to restore the nap of the fabric.
Fans are set up and cushions are arranged strategically to speed up drying time.

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